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Filling & Caring for Your Leather Pouf

Caring for your Moroccan Leather Pouf.

Since leather is a natural product it has minor flaws and imperfections which add to the character and beauty of the poufs. Treated properly your pouf will become softer and more supple with age. New leather has a slight odour to it which is common and to be expected with leather goods. Be assured that the leather smell will gradually fade with airing and use.

To remove any marks and spills we recommend using a dry or a slightly damp cloth. Keep use of water to a minimum and avoid soaps, polishes and cleaning products unless they are specifically designed for leather use. Use sparingly and as stated on the label. All leather will benefit from conditioning every 6-12 months to preserve it’s suppleness and softness.

Filling your Moroccan Pouf.

In Morocco poufs were traditionally stuffed with camel hair but your pouf can be filled with almost anything you have on hand.

For a soft and light beanbag-style pouf, we recommend using a filling of polystyrene balls (60L per pouf), foam chips, old plastic bags or scrunched up newspapers. If using polystyrene beads it is best to use a liner so they don’t escape everywhere when you unzip the pouf.

To achieve a firmer, heavier pouf try using cotton, felt, or wool fabrics. We’ve also found that old towels, duvet inners and sheets work well – and it’s eco friendly too! Alternatively you can purchase stuffing material from a local department store.

1. Use only clean and dry material
2. Unzip the pouf and open it out to itʼs fullest shape.
3. Start by gradually filling the edges of your pouf to ensure that all the small spaces are fully stuffed. This will prevent air spaces forming in your finished pouf.
4. Continue to add stuffing evenly ensuring the sides and seams are filled out.
5. Avoid over-filling your pouf as this could put a strain on the zip when closing, but over time as your pouf beds down it can be topped up with more filling.

6. Enjoy!